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Jorge Luis Borges: "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."

Architectural Digest presents the world's most beautiful libraries: 


St. Florian Monastery, Sankt Florian, Austria

Source: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/architecture/2013-11/most-beautiful-libraries-trinity-college-mushashino-bodleian-sainte-genevieve-article
Good advice
Good advice

10 Reason Why Paperbacks Rule!!!! From epicreads.com

Reblogged from Mike Mullin, Author:


1. They are lightweight.




Holding hardcovers can be exhausting.



2. They are flexible.

Why just curl up with a good book, when your book can curl up with you, too?



3. They are travel friendly.



4. They are the more socially acceptable book weapon.



5. They still offer that inviting book smell.



6. They make better use of your bookshelf real estate.




7. They are a more comfortable eye mask.




8. They allow endless flipbook possibilities.


9. And book hearts.

10 Reasons Why We Love Paperbacks


10. They welcome affection.




 But, honestly, you love you your book no matter the format. Because you know what really matters is what’s inside.



From http://www.epicreads.com/blog/10-reasons-why-paperbacks-rule/


Make Your Wish on BookLikes

Reblogged from BookLikes:

How's your BookLikes experience so far? We hope you're enjoying your time here. We're doing our best to create perfect space for readers and authors with your help, of course. Here are several information that we felt you would like to know :)


BookLikes lets you create your own personal webpage ready to customize and fill with your reviews and books. You can also use your own domain with absolutely no fees, to make it happen go to Settings.


We would also like to inform all BookLikes member who already use their domains that we've changed our DNS, please update them to new ones: to make your site work properly.


Recently we've also received many messages, tweets and comments with your suggestions and requests considering further development. Thank you all! We release one new feature every Thursday and they are mainly based on requests made by our community so if you have more, bring them on :-)



The following list presents several your ideas that we'll definitely put online and start working on right now :-)


Exclusive Shelf - then you'll be able to shelve books on a thematic shelf without necessity of selecting reading status (read, planning to read, currently reading), e.g. Books I haven't finished.


Discussion rooms - they will let you create groups and book clubs to discuss your  reads.


Export to csv - we want you to feel safe and sound on BookLikes and it refers to your content as well. 


PM - you will be able to communicate directly thanks to private messages.


Apps - the fist one is set free and ready to be uploaded (BookLikes Scanner) and more are in progress, including Android and Widows 8.


Synchronization - you'll be able to sync your other platforms with your BookLikes profile.


There's a lot of going on right now but we promise to import all your books, shelves and reviews and to answer all your messages :-)


Importing is taking forever D:


I wish it were faster (although I do understand the slowness). Should've started using this site since I created it months ago. Oh well. 


I only wish Booklikes had an app. That's the only reason as to why I used Goodreads in the first place. Aaaand, I might even give "reviewing" a go (didn't feel comfortable with that on GR) even though I've never done it and I'll probably suck at it xD. 


/rambling done